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Many people choose to employ their own carer or personal assistant.

If you elect to employ the carer or personal assistant then unless they have self-employed status you will take on the responsibility of an employer which comes with a number of legal obligations that you must comply with.  This includes ensuring that your employee is paid what is due to them, that the correct statutory deductions are accounted for and that they receive a payslip recording all of this information.


What role can Disability Focus play in payroll processing?

Disability Focus can manage the payroll process on your behalf by offering two levels of payroll service:

Payroll only Service

Having supplied us with your carers or personal assistant’s time sheets which detail the hours they have worked, we will calculate the pay that they are entitled to receive along with any deductions that must be taken from their pay.  We will then provide you with a wage slip for you to pass onto your carer or personal assistant leaving you to then make the necessary payments.

Managed Payroll Service

With our managed payroll service we will not only produce the wage slip for you but, we will also arrange for the monies to be paid to the carer or personal assistant along with payments to HMRC.

We can also help you set up your employees pensions through a comprehensive service around Pensions Auto Enrolment which means that you receive an end to end, fully compliant and worry-free service.

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We understand that taking on the responsibility of being  an employer can be a little daunting and that is where we can help you through the provision of our Payroll Services.


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