Payroll and Pension Service

Many people choose to employ a carer or personal assistant themselves. This means that you become an employer and this can be confusing and a little daunting.

The following resources help explain the process and what it means to employ your personal assistants yourself. Further information can also be found here – Being the boss

Disability Focus can work with you to help make the process of paying your personal assistant easier. We can help you pay their wages as well as calculate any tax and National Insurance contributions that may be due.


Understanding the need of our clients/customers has helped us set up a comprehensive service around Pensions Auto Enrolment which means they receive an end to end, fully compliant and worry-free service.

New Government legislation now requires all employers (including service user’s) to set up and manage a pension scheme for all of their employees – referred to as Workplace Pensions & Auto Enrolment.

  • Assessment of workforce
  • Set up of a Pension scheme (if required)
  • Register Pension scheme with The Pensions Regulator
  • Produce statutory letter to workers
  • Assess and enrol workers accordingly
  • Manage workers opt in/opt out requests
  • Calculate and deduct workers and employer’s contributions
  • Make payments to pensions scheme on behalf of employer (managed account only)
  • Maintain statutory records

Follow this link to NEST website which will be able to answer all your questions about Work Place Pensions & Auto Enrolment.